60x58_Nio 48x67_Bacchus 49x60_Stasis 68X68 Mesdames de Picasso 72X50 Ianós 68X68 éléments 60X72 Hanga Roa 64X68 Prophète Bionique 70X72 Anges Désolés 72X72 Trois visages de Dieu 68X68 Binaire 92X67 Maori 92X67 Xam San 66X66 Gems of Lucid Poetry 90X72 Observation 40X40 On The Outside In 40X42 Fire in water flower 40X42 Opposite Angels 42X40 Playing Coy 48X60 Breakthrough Walts 48X60 Venus 52X84 Urban Angel 58X58 Slow Speed Moon Xray 58X62 Confetti Birds Brought Down By Water Bullets 58X62 Street Corner Line Up 60X55 Anatomy of an Anatomy 60X60 Profit#7 60X70 It Used To Be Like That Now Its Like This 62X72 One In The City One In The Country 64X51 Flowers And Bones 64X64 Alphabet Soup 68X46 Election 68X46 Three Faces Of Eve 68X64  Man Vs Foundry Vs Anatomy 68X68 Equation Caesium 68X80 Chriology 69X58 Hybrid 69X74 Atlas Step Father 70X75 Kinesiology 96X72 Industry 36X48 Adam and Eve 36X48 Dream #3 36X48 Hallucinogenic 36X48 Tumble


68X68_The_Shades_are_Lifting 68x68_Birdland 68x68_Heavy_with_Welcome 68x68_Niman 68 X 44 Myriads 68 X 44 The Path Somewhere 68X44 Back To You 66X48 Family 68X68 Portrait 44X56 Afternoon Sunfall 44X56 First of All 44X56 Hallucinary Moons 44X56 Softeness of Our Reward 46X52 War Wall#1 46X52 War Wall#2 46X52 War Wall#3 46X58 Experiment In Prayer 46X58 Happiness In Leaving Yourself Behind 48X48 Impossible Distance 49X62 Stimuli 50X58 New Age Prophecy 50X68 Greenwich City Limit 54X54 Grid #2 54X54 Grid #3 54X56 Ghosts In The Rainbow 56X60 Indicium Multum 60X44 In My Hungry Fatigue 60X60 Apollo 60X60 Feathers Or Lead 60X60 They See Through Prisms 60X64 Lakes and Glaciers 62X50 Beyond Self Disappearance 63X56 White Sion of The Tomes 63X67 Olympus 66X66 Titans 68X56 Birth Death an Unknown Place 68X68 Drop of Time 68X68 One of Me Rushes 68X68 Percession 68X68 Persia 68X68 Pillars 68X68 To Step Into What We Conjure 68X68 Wall and Wind 69X52 White Faces In Booter 69X54 Unsolved Grid 72X56 Grid #1 72X56 Holding Voids Position 79X68 They Glimmer


68 X 44 Shroud 68 X 44 Awakening 68 X 68 Planet Light 68 X 68 Ink From Space 68X68 Nebula 3 Distant Patterns 37X67 Red 48X68 Kiss Through Wild Blaze in Nightmare 48X68 Pure Vision Plasma Eyes 48X68 Sledding Off The Chin of God 48X68 Suburban Monet 52X52 Ladders and Spaces 52X52 Orange Rapid Moving and Falling 52X52 Park 54X56 The Spent Purpose 56X59 Mediterranean Sun Set 57X58 Floating Genteel Boxes 58X50 Bird While New York Sleeps 58X58 One Wing in the Fire 58X58 Reason For the Season of Life 60X46 Gravity Pulls Planets and Youth 60X46 Wedges Between the Calm of Water and Dreams of Lava 60X48 Waterlilies Exploding at Sunset 60X56 NY School Earth Meets Imagination Sunset 65X52 Sky 66X66 Makes a Morning 68X36 Dumal 68X38 Klens Wall 68X38 Purple Nilisks Dream 68X62 Morocco Before the Rock 69X52 Southwest Seasons 69X56 Flame Fields Alive 69X57 Blue Green Sky Between Fingers of Grid's Parrots Alighting to Mars Soldiers Wall


23X31 Age and Time 23X31 Existing in Milk 23X31 Floating Lips A Flame 23X31 Layers of Faces 23X31 They Know 23X31 Three Ladies Waiting 23X31 Ulaahbaatar 23X31 Words 24X30 Pushing For 24X30 Word Bullet Through Memories 26X55 Man in Woman in Man 30X48 Liberty 33X53 The Show is Here 36X48 Amsterdam Virgins 36X48 Moon Over European Getaway 36X48 There is Something You Should  Know 36X48 Vanity Scars 36X60 Sweet Was The Touch 38X50 Beginning and End 38X50 They Stand at Ephisis 38X60 Thinking of You 40X40 Lovely Pair 42X42 Two Fertile Maidens 44X50 Mozambique Festival 48X36 Dancing Specters 48X47 Coffee Break 48X48 Box Drawer Lover 48X60 About to Say Dada 48X60 Descends and Occupies 48X60 Love and The Word 48X60 Me Mine 48X60 Us 48X67 Agape 48X68 Middle Earth 50X41.5 They Were 4 in 2 50X50 Trinity of Interest 55X60 Some Search Others Prevent 56.5X50 3 Man Golden Band 56X48 Maidens 57X55 Soul Scape 58X51 Immersed in Jung 59X51 Pub Talk 60X36 Fun for Friends 60X36 Rembering The Days 60X48 I Believe You Are Lovely 60X48 Your Delicate Stands Quiet 60X55 Tangier Café 60X60 Agape 64X54 Requiem Colors Divide Green with Envy The Wedding Three in One